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O are you happy now Finally happy now are you
mwo geudaeroya nan
da ilheobeorin geot gata

modeun ge mamdaero wassdaga insado eopsi tteona
idaeroneun mueosdo saranghago sipji anha
da haejil daero haejyeobeorin
gieok sogeul yeohaenghae

urineun orenji taeyang arae
geurimja eopsi hamkke chumeul chwo
jeonghaejin ibyeol ttawineun eopseo
areumdawossdeon geu gieogeseo manna
Forever young

uuu uuuu uuu uuuu
Forever we young
uuu uuuu
ireon akmongiramyeon yeongyeong kkaeji anheulge

seom geurae yeogin seom seoroga mandeun jageun seom
ye eum forever young yeongwoniran mareun moraeseong

jakbyeoreun machi jaenanmunja gatji
geuriumgwa gati majihaneun achim
seoroga i yeonggeobeul jina
kkok i seomeseo dasi manna

jinadeut nal wirohadeon nuguui maldaero gojak
han ppyeomjjari chueogeul ijneun ge cham swipji anha
sigani jinado yeojeonhi
nal butdeuneun geugose

urineun orenji taeyang arae
geurimja eopsi hamkke chumeul chwo
jeonghaejin annyeong ttawineun eopseo
areumdawossdeon geu gieogeseo manna

urineun seororeul bego nuwo
seulpeuji anheun iyagireul nanwo
uulhan gyeolmal ttawineun eopseo
nan yeongwonhi neol i gieogeseo manna
Forever young

Lee Ji-eun (Korean: 이지은; conceived May 16, 1993) or regularly known as IU (Korean: 아이유) is an artist, author, on-screen character, guitarist, artist and TV have. IU made its introduction in 2008, under the support of LOEN Entertainment with the K-Pop music class. His stage name originates from the words "I and You (Me and You)" which represents that "we" can become "one" through music. The name of the fan club is U-ana (Uaena), where every syllable has an alternate signifying: "you)" from English, "ae" is Sino-Korean for "adoration", and "na" is Korean for me". In 2012, IU positioned No.19 in "The 23rd Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces". 

During his secondary school years, IU discovered his craving to sing and chose to turn into an artist in the wake of feeling glad to show up in his school's games rivalry and as a result of the acclaim of the crowd. He went to 20 tryouts however totally fizzled and was likewise cheated by counterfeit diversion organizations. Before joining LOEN Entertainment in 2007, IU was prepared by Good Entertainment with Uee, Yubin, Heo Ga-yoon, and Jun Hyoseong. Subsequent to being shrunk by LOEN, IU moved to Bangbae, Seoul.  Despite feeling that he could in the end be remembered for a ladies' gathering following three to four years of preparing, he got preparing for ten months before his performance debut in 2008. [18] Due to his present day to day environments, IU expressed that he was "glad to be in the studio", where he could eat as much as he needed and had a spot to rest. Prior to its presentation, LOEN made its stage name "IU", got from the expression "I and You" to represent the binding together intensity of music between individuals. 

His proceeding with vocation made him experience a decrease in school participation and diminished evaluations, aside from Korean writing. Subsequent to moving on from Dongduk Girls' High School in 2011, IU chose not to proceed with her third-level instruction simultaneously as her singing profession. 

As extraordinary compared to other selling solo craftsmen in the K-pop industry, which is overwhelmed by male and female gatherings, he has been remembered for Korea Power Celebrity's yearly rundown by Forbes magazine since 2012, arriving at the number three top in 2012. Board perceives IU as the pioneer ever in the Korean positioning of K-Pop Hot 100 with the most melodies and the craftsman who holds the main position most in the week. 

Notwithstanding his melodic vocation, IU additionally went as a radio and TV have, just as acting. Following his supporting jobs in the youngster dramatization Dream High and minor appearances in a few TV arrangement, IU showed up in the arrangement You're the Best, Lee Soon-shin, Pretty Man, The Producers, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, My Mister and Del Luna Hotel .

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