Lowongan Dosen Universitas Brawijaya (UB) Tetap Non PNS 2017


fakultas ilmu sosial dan politik universitas brawijaya

open recruitment lecturer position 2017

non civil servant permanent lecturer (dosen tetap non pns)
faculty of social and political sciences universitas brawijaya

  • communication science
  • political science
  • psychology
  • international relations
  • governmental science

application form is addressed to : lecturer recruitment committee (panitia seleksi penerimaan dosen ) at fisip ub a building, 6th floor. starting from May 22nd - june 2 nd 2017 before 16.00 western indonesia time

  1. communication science department
    1. 3 masters degree lecturer for public relations concentration
    2. 1 master degree lecturer for communication management concentration
      further requirement :
      1. applicant has degree in s1 and s2 communication science with s1 major in public relations and communication management
      2. applicant has expertise or excellent score in research methods and/or scientific research development
      3. applicant has an ethical standard as a lecturer
      4. applicants has vision and mission for self actualisation and academic developments
      5. applicants has excellent english academic writing and speaking
  2. international relations department
    1. 1 doctorate degree lecturer (from reputable overseas university is preferred)
    2. 1 master degree in international relations, international politics, or other related field (from reputable overseas university is a must)
    further requirements:
    1. applicants who have experiences in international working environments or who have conducted several donor funded researches is prioritized
  3. governmental science department
    1. 1 doctoral degree lecturer in governmental science subject
    2. 1 masters degree lecturer, with s1 government science and s2 local political science is preferred.
    further requirements:
    • applicants has undergone researches on goberment innovation (minimum 2 researches)
    • applicants with working experience in institution developing governmental innovation program is preferred
    • applicant with experience as a consultant or supervisor on governmental innovation program is prioritised.
  4. political science department
    1. 1 doctorate degree lecturer
    2. 1 masters degree lecturers
    further requirements
    1. applicant has undertaken some researches on political science subject
    2. applicant with working experience in academic-related institutions is preferred
  5. psychology department
    1. 2 masters degree lecturers for general & experimental psychology concentration , with major in
    2. cognitive neuroscience
    3. psychometric/psychological research method
    4. 1 masters degree lecturer for developmental psychology with major in
    5. developmental science
      further requirements
      1. applicants should have at minimum 525 toefl score or 5.5 ielts score (psychology only)

recruitments phases
(timeline will be further advised)
  1. desk evaluation/evaluation test
  2. micro teaching
  3. psychology test
  4. interview

general requirements

applicant form must be attached with registered /instituonalised toefl/ilts certificate within 2 years expiry date

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